sunday photo fiction: the last day

Rail track taken in colour and adjusted to sepia via the after touch menu on the camera to age the image

photo by Al, the sunday fictioneer


The Last Day

Progress. This was the last day I would walk the tracks between Cameronville and Lumsden’s Curve.  The last day to pull hard to switch the tracks. The last day to check the lights were green when they should be. Last walk the line looking for loose rails, problems with the gravel bed, something on the tracks.

Progress. A new owner of the line wanted to make it modern. New trains, new switching equipment, new everything. Straighten Lumsden’s Curve. No need for people. People like me. As I walked I said good-bye to the creatures I’d gotten to know, the landscape, the rails.

Progress. All that was left to say good-bye to was the train. I heard the whistle as it pulled into the Cameronville Station. Took the large repair tool box and set it carefully in between the two rails. Sat down on it. The whistle leaving the station. Didn’t just see today’s train coming towards me, saw the thousands that made this run while I walked the rails. Good-bye.


9 thoughts on “sunday photo fiction: the last day

      • I think it does. There used to be a manual gate in the town where I grew up, and we used to go and watch just to see him come out and close the gate, and then open it again. He would chat to some people as well. We were never allowed to, my parents said it would distract him and may cause an accident


I like first person narratives.

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