OctPoWriMo: here I go again

During the NaPoWriMo, I posted a poem a day. I Since then, I doubt I have written 30 poems!

I enjoy the Sunday Photo Fiction; I like prose, too. And Sunday Photo Fiction helps me hone my skills.

And that’s the point: shape shifting is about exploration. When I emerge from my self-induced cocoon, will I be a butterfly?

Maybe another month of poetry will help. So, I’ve signed up for OctPoWriMo


I may do it solo as I did in April, or I may be a more active participant, posting links on their Face Book page.

I might try the prompts which feature poetry in various styles. I can’t haiku, best I can do, is a rhyme or two.

Plus free verse, the best style for me. It is fluid and can be poetry and prose all at once. Prosetry.


I have a few days left to prepare. Think poetically. Sharpen my keyboard. Exercise my brain. Yoga. Observe. Emotions.

I’m looking forward to the challenge (I think) and I’d like to continue writing flash fiction on Sundays. 

In the lead up to Oct 1, several poets are contributing articles that relate to poetry.

If you’re interested in participating, too. Visit their blog, and their face book page.



I like first person narratives.

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