filbert and the big bang

93 12 December 28th 2014

It really wasn’t Filbert’s fault. He was only doing his usual work down in the  lab.

Filbert hadn’t left level 13.5 for the outside in about 2 years. That time was a disaster. In charge of the cleanup, I paid off witnesses; disposed of bodies; leaked false information.

So, I was supposed to make sure that Filbert never got any closer to outside that level 4.5. The Board felt any damage he did would remain within the underground complex.

Why the h**l Filbert isn’t disposed of? Filbert is indispensible in these unsettled days: civil wars; rebellions; revolts; terrorism; racial/ethic/religious deadly disputes; genocides.

Filbert had special talents utilized by the Board to intervene with the war machine. He could bring any army, guerilla group, terrorist cell to a standstill. Filbert could stop time. Not all time. Just enough time to dismantle missile launchers; turn bullets to blanks; AK47s to BB guns, etc..

Unfortunately, the Board, given the growing number of conflicts, pushed Filbert a bit too much. One day, he just blew up. Straight through 13.5 levels of concrete and rebar.

Everyone commented on how spectacular the fireworks were this year. ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Inspired by another of Al’s spectacular photographs for Sunday Photo Fiction.

Thank you, Al, for challenging me on Sundays! Gives my creative mind a good work out!

Here’s to more great photo fiction in 2015!


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I like first person narratives.

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