up in smoke (not the cheech and chong movie)

Dragon incense burner with incense coming from the mouth

“You tell him.”

“No, you tell him.”

“Remember what happened the last time. Stop laughing so hysterically, it wasn’t that funny.”

“Oh come on, man, it wasn’t funny, it was hilarious! You beat every record for the “castle to river marathon”.”

“And embarrassing – thanks to your Youtube posting. Everywhere I go, I hear the people doing the guitar riff from “Smoke on the Water.”

“Man, we got a million hits in the first day!”

“Anyways, it’s your turn to tell him. And, you will notice I brought my film crew along.”

“Hey, that’s not fair. That’ll get you to Cannes or Toronto.”

“Too bad, you started it. Or should I say “kickstarter”ed it. So, come on, go tell him.”

“Well maybe he’ll notice on his own. Or maybe it’ll stop. Or maybe . . . “

“No excuses . . .  You go tell him. It is your turn”

Then, in commentary sort of voice, “What you are about to see . . .

“Grandpa, excuse me, Grandpa . . . you’re smoking in your sleep again.”



“Wow, I think he’ll break my record!”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction, December 7, 2014; picture supplied by the Sunday Fictioner, also know as Al.





2 thoughts on “up in smoke (not the cheech and chong movie)

I like first person narratives.

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