a poetic moment

It had felt so good to write a poem a day in April (even if I was going alone and not following the prompts). I thought the octpowrimo could give me that same very necessary feeling of accomplishment and strength my ability to start and finish a project.

Not that I shouldn’t have tried – just not so publically I guess. I’m sure I’m struck off the list as I haven’t submitted in ages. I think there may be # poems on my other computer to post.

So I will post a series of poems written in October. Still no haikus, tanka, or shamdoras. Free verse. Prose poetry. A rhyme or two without consideration of rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter, or line length. Small stones without signifying.

Thank you for your patience if you have dropped by. I still what to incorporate flash fiction or challenges; these inspire me to think outside my boundaries.

And I wish the poetic words and stamina to those who continue to officially participate!


I like first person narratives.

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