octpowrimo: Oct. 7 and 8

I’m not in a good place right now, so this probably won’t be the last double (or triple) post. I wrote one when I felt fairy-talish  and Dr. Seussish; the other is considerably more adult. I wrote the child-like one on the 7th


Octopowrimo, October 7

To Dr. Seuss

Come with me, come with me to a far away land

You can be who you be and can do what you can

The rules are quite simple and easy to know

Never limit yourself, go as far as you go

Never lose sight of yourself and what you’ve seen

Where you are going and where you have been


~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~

Octpowrimo, October 8th


Passion spent

we curl up

into a ball

and rock

on the bed

feeling each others

pulse and

puff of breath

no reality today

we tickle, giggle

and gently kiss

we trace each other’s bodies

with soft caresses until . . .

I awake from that nightmare again



I like first person narratives.

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