sunday photo fiction: the speedo revolution

The Speedo Revolution.

It was the speedo revolution that did it. Freedonia was a monarchy with a queen obsessed by youth and beauty. She did not look good in a speedo.

I suspect it was a rebellion launched by the Olympic swim team. They were forced to compete in unflattering costumes designed to become blimpish when wet.

The Freedonia Women’s Swim Team always came last. Insurance that the Queen would be the best looking Freedonian. Plastic surgeons, spas, make up artists, top designers helped empty the country’s coffers.

To remind the women of Freedonia who was boss, she made several decrees concerning make up, dress, and hair. Freedonian Two statues symbolizing Cross Channel Swimmerswomen must make themselves as ugly as possible.

And, in pure spite, the Queen froze the Speedo Rebellion lead agitators and had them placed in concrete.

The Freedonian Women’s Swim Team continues to be last.

Every Sunday, Al, the Sunday Frictioner provides an intriguing photo. Participations create a flash fiction story (200 words) interpreting their impressions of the photo. {statues symbolizing Cross Channel Swimmers}


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I like first person narratives.

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