octpowrimo: the run

the run




every breath

the darkness

of it increases

daylight is a sliver

of night

high moon

wolves calling

breath white

against the air

ravens follow

always talking

arguing, boasting

last will come the

silent ones

the evil ones

no one dares

call their


or see their eyes

I run with them

they are my pack

my brothers and sisters

tomorrow they will

be my roommates




but tonight

we run as


as all




8 thoughts on “octpowrimo: the run

    • Russian fairy tales of wolves always fascinated me, as have wolves as wolves. I’m happy to see them being introduced into their original habit.
      I’m glad I left your breathless — that was the feel I wanted to express. And with so many shows with transmutation, the ending made sense.
      Thanks for stopping by!


    • Esther — I was trying to create that breathless feeling, and how running with a “pack” means you share the breathlessness and help each other keep the pace!
      I like the Teen Wolf reference!


I like first person narratives.

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