The Symbiant

74 08 August 24th

Every week on a Sunday, a new photo is used as a prompt for Flash Fiction challenge using around 200 words based on that image. Your story does not have to be exactly what the item in the photo is as long as there is at least a reference to it. You can make it anything you want, and enjoy what you write, and we will as well.

Please remember to add your piece to the list of others by clicking on the little creature, and you can also add the creature to your own post by clicking on the link beneath it. Have fun, and I look forward to reading what you have written.

Brought to you by Al, the Sunday Fictioner, and prompt developer extraordinaire. This week’s (August 24, 2014) responses are viewable through InLinz.


Star-Gate 1 (television show) is the inspiration of this response.


Removing the Symbiant took 12 hours of surgery by a team of 20 doctors. The patient was found wandering the streets of NYC, babbling; walking with jerky, spasmodic movements and flaying arms.

The MRI at Bellevue revealed something odd about Mr. X’s brain. He appeared to have a second, smaller brain like a growth at the back of his skull. Further MRIs and test revealed something so shocking and horrifying, it was decided to keep the whole project secret, and Mr. X was taken to a remote but modern surgical center.

The “tumor” had an umbilical cord tracing the contours of his spine. Perhaps the Symbiant was only recently introduced into Mr. X. The only mark of any kind was a partly healed over 5 inch cut across the base of his neck.

All congratulated each other on the removal of such an abomination. Invading from within had a whole new meaning to the team. Unfortunately, the Symbiant and Mr. X. didn’t make it. Both only lived for a few hours after surgery.

That night, I used my security clearance to enter the lab. I looked at him for a  moment. My husband, my love. Then I wrapped the viewing jar very carefully. It was a long journey home.


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