Sunday Photo Fiction: the other right brothers

72 08 August 10th 2014

History has done a disservice to my great-great-grandfather and three great-great-uncles

Everyone lauds those frauds Orville and Wilbert Wrong for inventing airplanes! Hump. My family was flying long before the two thieves stole the idea. Their “invention” of the first viable airplane only spent minutes in the air.

If it was all happening today in the world of social media, the Wrong Brothers would have their faces and airplane plastered across all social media; write a best seller; do the talk show route.

Great-grandmother said the sadness drove one great-great-uncle  to drink, another to disreputable women in pool halls. And the third great-great-uncle supposedly died of natural causes. Great-grand mother said there was nothing natural about his death!

My research is on-going; amassing the evidence to prove my privacy-obsessed family what only they knew. No, the Wrong Brothers weren’t the first to maintain sustained flight. The Right family has been in the air since 1878.

written for sunday photo fiction, August 10, 2014


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I like first person narratives.

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