Sunday Photo Fiction: 3 rocks in a garden

71 08 August 03 2014

Every artistic media Chelsa touched, became a masterwork. Her gallery shows always sold out. People, to impress, would say they had a Chelsa piece.

Chelsa had a secret, a rather big secret. Her real home was elsewhere. All it took was a wave of her hand, and whatever she had dreamed became a work of art.

She lived as reclusively as possible. To protect the secret of how she made art.

She would release new works at a slow pace. Take commissions. Donate art to charities to be auctioned off.

To Chelsa’s horror, a major museum put on a special exhibition of work from her many medias.

Owners of Chelsa’s work loaned their pieces. The curator hoped that Chelsa would create new art in new mediums for the exhibition. A camera crew would  f0ll0w her artistic process from conception to conclusion.

Chelsa needed advice from her counselors – the 3 “rocks” in her garden. She carefully opened their zippers. They so reminded her of home.

The 3 rocks thought together, rolled in an agreement direction. Middle “rock” spoke for all three:

“Time to morph. We now know about lings and art. Next, lesson should be destruction, should be war.”


Written for sunday photo fiction. Photograph by Al, the sunday photofictioner.






10 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: 3 rocks in a garden

  1. This was a fascinating read from start to finish — brilliantly wicked idea but with such an amazing twist – and as Al said, what a way to create!


I like first person narratives.

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