sunday photo fiction: to be half way there

69 07 July 20th 2014

sign, omen, half way there

photograph: Al, sunday photo fictioner (sunday fiction)


To Be Half Way There

I took the mangled soccer ball as a symbol, a sign.

We were half way there.

To paradise, to idyll, to food and freedom.

The soles of my shoes were wearing thin.

My coat ripped and buttons missing.

The pack on my back growing heavier.

Memories fresh scars over the scabs.

What we lost before the March.

Must think of what we will gain when we arrive.

Green meadows, clear babbling streams, butterflies, fruit trees.

Life. Breath. Feel. Love. Laugh.

Half way there.

Half way to freedom.

I sang the song to myself.

“Once, far away, long ago

the freedom seekers

fought for rights

and freedom

and freedom . . .”


7 thoughts on “sunday photo fiction: to be half way there

    • Hi Al:
      I’ve have lots of problems with wordpress. When I try and leave a comment it says I’m signed into another account — yes I do, but it is separate from this one. So the only way I can comment is to use the archive.
      I can’t find a Mr. Linky link, so I’ll use the ping backs to
      read other contributions.
      Has anyone else had this problem in terms of not finding mr. linky or did I miss something?
      My wordpress problem may mean I can’t comment on other’s writing without using another address which will screw things up as I use a different name here.
      Sorry to go on so, but I’m getting frustrated with this. Used to be if I signed out of one, I had to sign in again. Why it thinks I’m trying to comment under my other name, I don’t know! Arrgh.


      • That is odd. Have you tried clicking on the little wordpress icon below the comment box? I find going on there and changing to Google+, Facebook or Twitter and then changing back again.


          • And, sorry you were at the receiving end of my rant! I’d had problems all that week, and it all just came tumbling out. Between your and another’s advice, I seem to have a better relationship, at least for now, with mr. linky.
            The new avatar is interesting!


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