sunday photo fiction: keep it in the family

65 06 June 22nd 2014

photography by Al, Sunday Photo Fictioner

For Sunday Photo Fiction

A conversation over heard at BBC HQ:

“Look, I agree that the Dr. Who franchise is strong enough for another spin-off.  We figured out how to turn 11 regenerations into 12. But a postal box?”

“I want the show to pay homage to it’s ‘father’ and the blue police box, use a red postal box. Remember,it’s always bigger on the inside. The spinoff’s premise makes sense. Replay “The Doctor’s Daughter.” The audience, but not Doctor Who, know Jenny revives and takes off to see the cosmos. This marks the final turning point between her other life as a solider, and her new life as the the Doctor’s daughter. Now, she’s back. But so much of the Doctor Who world has changed, she feels lost. Therefore, she goes off adventuring again, but this time tracing the routes her ‘father’ has taken.”

“Is she a time lord?”

“That will be the mystery of the show. Is she able to travel because she is a time lord or because of the technology embedded in the postal box.”


“Of course – she is the Doctor’s daughter.”


“No, she meets interesting characters and some story lines will carry over to another show. And, after all, it is just a postal box.”


{just a few words over 200, but it is the Doctor after all.}


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I like first person narratives.

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