Sunday Photo Fiction: Moana Lisa

59 05 May 11th 2014

photo by Al – the Sunday Fictioneer

I hated it. It was all wrong. It looked nothing like Lisa. Hours of standing still, hands on her thighs. Cold days she tried not to shiver. Keeping her hair exactly the same way. My telling her stories of other models. Models for famous artists.

I am not a famous artist. I doubt I will be. I’d recently painted the ceiling of my loft a deep shade of blue. Putting an old sheet on the floor, Lisa and I threw paint until “whoever” was blue.

Not a member of the Blueman group. Not a Picasso from his blue period. Not a Rodin. Not a Michelangelo. Not a Henry Moore.

Made of paper machè over a wire frame, Lisa suggested we do the magician’s trick of sawing a woman in half. Why just half – let’s double it. Looking at the pieces of “Lisa” on the work shop floor gave me an idea. Cleaning up her wounds. Welding a melt frame. Arranging her parts in skewed and slanted ways. Lisa the awful became Moana Lisa – a work of art.










photo by Al – the Sunday Fictioneer


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I like first person narratives.

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