dp challenge flash fiction: the bowl of stones

I participate in a weekly flash fiction challenge, “Sunday Photo Fiction,” and, while I try to keep to the 200 word limit, I tend to go a bit over. Okay, sometimes a lot over! Which of course defeats the whole purpose of flash fiction!

So, I set myself a 200 word or less limit, and wrote flash fiction in response to one of my “small stones” photographs for this week’s dp writing challenge.




the bowl of stones

She rarely spoke, and smiled even less. No one was sure why. She just stopped existing one morning. She went through the daily motions, understood what was said, but didn’t participate in any world but her own.

The only thing that gave her pleasure was when she began collecting small, sea polished stones. She spent hours on the beach, head down. She would stoop, scoop up a stone, turning it over in her hand. If it made her smile, she put it in her pocket. The others she tossed into the waves, as if to make sure they became more polished.

As the years passed, her collection contained more stones than words, but each one was a smile.

(118 words – good for me!)


3 thoughts on “dp challenge flash fiction: the bowl of stones

I like first person narratives.

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