NaPoWriMo 26: battle cries

battle of minds and spirit

like medieval jousts

who will draw

1st blood

dig the knife of blame


twist, thrust

cutting words

that slice apart the heart

that shatter the illusions

break the bones

of the self

a small advantage opens

usher in the others

each with a stiletto

to pierce the skin

fancy footwork

to stave off


knifes off back

as slick as lies



a tragedy, a drama

played out on

the stage of every day

the playhouse of the


lawyer’s’ offices

as each wants



pawns of 4 and 7

cars, houses, boat

money, lifestyle

greed of the hollow

greed of the angry

greed of never knowing

who won the battle

survived the wounds

and won


I like first person narratives.

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