paradise: sunday photo fiction, fog

sunday photo fiction 23.03.14: fog

She loved the fog. It softened everything. The industrial wasteland, the tenement houses, the snaky lanes full of disease and danger. Here, on the banks of the river, with the fog thick and masking, she could image herself anywhere, but where she was. The fog made anything seem possible, from a place where the sun shone warm on her skin, to learning her letters and numbers, and how to sign her name. She saw herself as a housewife who stayed home with the happy, thriving children, her husband sober and industrious. Or living in the country, working the land with the smell of nature not filth filling her nostrils. She had once or twice snuck into the better folks’ gardens. She closed her eyes, even though the fog helped with remembering better things, so she could experience those paradises with all her senses. For a few minutes, here on the muddy shores between tide swells, she was back in those gardens, alien worlds that promised so much. She always slipped out again before she was caught and the police sent for. Never again would she be captured and put in a cage or even worse in the workhouse. She heard the squish and suck of feet in the mud. She left her leafy paradise behind to dash for the footings of the wharf, then back out on the streets. Back to her home.

@ shape shifter (27week challenger)


11 thoughts on “paradise: sunday photo fiction, fog

    • Thanks. I’ve been reading a lot of mystery novels lately set in Victoria and Georgian London and countryside, plus I’m addicted to Sherlocke Holmes with Jeremy Brett (the new version on PBS has it’s moments, never saw the movies, lol). Your picture just made me think of sitting by the Thames and wishing for something else.
      The picture also reminded me of wonderful ferry rides; I love taking a ferry and sitting/standing out on the deck as much as possible. The modern “closed” in ferries aren’t quite as much fun that way.
      Thanks for a great photo! I missed last week — Sunday wasn’t a good day, so I’m glad I got mine in today!


      • I’m sorry it wasn’t a good day for you. I hope the week improved.

        I haven’t watched the Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes yet, although I do know it is set in modern England rather than Victorian. It has been many, many years since I have been on a ferry. I was going to say any sort of boat, but I went on a boat ride on the Thames last year 🙂


    • She feels like she doesn’t belong in the world of the rich, as much as she likes to visit. She’s been told all her life that she belongs in the streets, so there she feels comfortable and knows her way. Or, at least I image that’s how she feels.


  1. Good story about a girl who uses her imagination to escape her surroundings. Good description that made me feel I was there with her. Well done. I liked Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes also. He was the best.


I like first person narratives.

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