morph by the moon: sunday photofiction

48 02 February 23rd 2014

It was his legacy; his disgrace. It made him an outcast from his family. Morphing by the full moon. Shape-shifted into a stranger who had no place in his society. And, it was almost time again. He could feel the moon swelling even without looking. Inside, he could feel his heart, soul and spirit drifting towards the darkness. Soon, his physical appearance would shift too. That frightening, unspeakable creature that lurked just beneath the surface.

He slunk as deep as he could into the shadows. He sighed, asking forgiveness of those he might wrong and gave out a great howl at the moon. A man stepped out of the shadows, straightening his silk tie, buttoning his Armani suit. He retrieved his iphone and ipad. What was the latest from the NY stock exchange? Had his maneuvering last month had the intended impact? The moon had changed the wolf into a Wall Street banker – which creature was more of a predator?

Sunday photofiction: February 23, 2014


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I like first person narratives.

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