As a child

I knew monsters


in closets

under beds


up stair cases

peeking round corners

I could hear them

in the night

shuffling, snuffling

and no matter

how many times

my bedroom changed

monsters always

found me

I know monsters

they live in

my head

in the darker


creeping through

my mind

shuffling, snuffling

and no matter

how many times

I’ve changed



find me

I’ve had some monsters in my head for the last 3 weeks – 1.5 weeks with one cold; 1.5 weeks with a second cold (a day or so off in between). I can still jot down poetry on paper, or take a picture out my kitchen window, but posting daily is tough. So, at least for the next little while, I’ll post less often, but each post will contain more than one (I hope) poem and picture.

As to poundage and mileage, being sick has thrown all those plans awry. Living on ice cream because my throat is so sore and potato chips for the salt, and walking consisting of a short stroll to the drug store, I think I’ll just keep a record and post weekly my results.

Its also time to challenge to change certain other things – more on that once I decide which to “attack” next.


I like first person narratives.

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