selling your soul: a pix & a poem

Sometimes, poems really do just pop into my head. For reasons unknown, I had been head-singing parts of Amazing Grace all morning. I was down to a mind-hum of the music, when a new “lyric” took hold – the first line of my to-be poem just slightly out of sync with song’s rhythmic beat. The second glommed on to the first, and I went from hanging up laundry to searching for pen and paper before I forgot my mind-poem. The other lines fell into place; I had a poem, but a pix? While, for now it’s a poem, and late at that. A bout of the flu/migraine has gotten me a bit behind in positing and photographing.

So, here’s selling your soul – pix to follow

You tell me you went and sold your soul last night

Did you not think such an exchange might give me fright?

What for . . . to give you second-sight?

Or to know when you’ll get it all right?

Oh, dear one, our love shone so bright

But now it ends, there is no light.


I like first person narratives.

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