Challenge to Change: Mileage and Poundage

DSCN3825As I suggested in an earlier post, I will be challenging myself to change in several areas. The pix & poem keeps me focused and committed. Now it’s time to add into the mix mileage and poundage.

My pedometer watch keeps track of miles walked, steps taken, and calories burned. I haven’t been following a daily walking routine of at least 4 miles/1 hour (2 out, 2 back or 1/2 hour out and 1/2 hour back). My original path lacked hill workouts (how I got in shape in 2010 – up and down large hills daily), the re-gentrification of a local park kept me away from a once beautiful, treed space with some steep slopes up from the creek to the top road.

Luckily, I discovered a more hilly space technically in the next town (the dividing line is in the middle of the road), and I can easily get my miles/time plus more of a workout. Which brings me to poundage. For a variety of reasons (some not in my control), for the last two years I’ve had bouts of weight and waist gain. Various kinds of diets (especially elimination/sensitivity ones) will bring me within reach, and then the not-so-merry go-round begins again. This time, the bout began in September, and at it’s worse = 2+ pounds/inches gained per week.

So, it’s back to no gluten, only a little of the “ose”(such as sucrose and fructose), small amounts of dairy, and various other dietary adjustments. I hope to use this blog as encouragement – if I have to post – or + in the poundage department each week (like 4+ in mileage), then I might get more psyched up about the process. My diet is already defined/limited by stomach issues and allergies – the other diets simply eliminate more!

Depending on when I post the daily “pix & poem,” will determine which day’s mileage (and weekly poundage) will be recorded. I’m hard on the soles of shoes making them wear unevenly and very quickly, so I may need to replace my current walking shoes in the near future!


I like first person narratives.

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