challenge to change

The original intention of this blog was to record the changes I made during the 27 week period between Nov. 6 and May 6. And, a month has passed without a post. I won’t list the excuses for not moving forward with this – lets just say I’m following the kind of pattern I want to change.

I had the idea of 27 weeks, 27 challenges; I have pages of handwritten notes, and posts in draft form. But, being so structured was asking more of me than I was ready for, and made it more likely I would just let this drop like several other blogs I have created.

So. instead, I will record my progress in broad and specific areas I want to challenge myself to change. The current challenge: a picture and a poem a day. The poem might inspire the poem or vice versa. I’m looking for the routine of a daily task. This challenge has features of structure, while challenging to regain lost creative and cognitive skills.

So, here is today’s first picture and poem:


mother of all mothers

head down

palms up

in supplication

to the whims of

weather and

nature’s devotion

mother of all mothers

waiting for the favo(u)rs

of spring

cloak against the

winds of winter


the garden

under your


mother of all mothers

do you ever

wish you

could just

go home?


I like first person narratives.

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